pdf Orsetta Causa: Income redistribution through taxes and transfers across OECD countries EN
pdf Michele Raitano: Introduction to Income Redistribution Policies EN
pdf Prof. Nereo Zamaro: Income-related Groups and Income Gap in Europe: Definitions and Sociological Issues EN



pdf Maurizio Franzini: Social Security Policies And Measures Against Poverty and Social Exclusion in Italy EN
pdf Michele Raitano: Policies Against Poverty in the Eu Countries: A Comparative Analysis EN


pdf Marinella COLUCCI: Active Labour Market Policies EN
pdf Prof. Stefano Sacchi: Technological change, employment and welfare EN
pdf Ms. Maria Teresa Monteduro: Italian policies on income distribution EN


pdf Emanuele Ciani: Recent Developments of Income Inequality in Italy: Geographical Differences EN
pdf Roberto Torrini: Distinctive Features of Inequality in a Stagnating Country EN
pdf Francesca Carta: Recent Developments of Income Inequality in Italy: Differences across age classes EN
pdf Margherita Russo: The impact of digital transformations across industries and global value chains EN