Event Details

Starts on:06/09/2016
Ends on:06/09/2016
Location:NDRC Beijing


In line with the topics to be discussed at the forthcoming High Level Event to be held in Beijing on 28th and 29th September 2016, the project C1 component held the 2016 panel discussion on 6th September 2016, in the International Cooperation Center of the NDRC, Beijing. The Panel covered the topics 1.1.3 –Monitoring interaction between employment promotion and social protection policies; 1.2.3 - Sustainability of pension schemes (contributions and government subsidies); 1.3.7 -Ageing population and possible strategy of dealing with this situation; and 1.4.2 -Relationship between social-economic development and the redistribution function of social security. Mr. Ha Zengyou, Deputy Director General, Department of Employment and Income Distribution, NDRC, chaired the Panel. Some 20 participants attended the Panel, including representatives of the Department of Employment and Income Distribution of NDRC, the International Cooperation Centre of NDRC, the EU Delegation to China, the team leader and the EU Resident expert for Component 1 with the C1 team and Chinese Short term Experts as well as members of the SPRP Beijing Project Office.