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Starts on:12/07/2016
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On 12th July 2016, the EU-China Social Protection Reform Project Component 2, in collaboration with the Chinese Ministry of Finance, organized a Workshop at Renmin University, titled: “The Sustainability of the Social Protection System in a Changing Working Environment”, as part of the 2016 activity plan. Some 30 participants, including representatives from MoF, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, scholars and professors from prominent research institutes as CASS, Peking University, RUC, University of Finance and Economics, as well as the European Delegation, the project Resident Experts, the EU short term Experts, Ms. Marta Fana (Science Po, Paris), Ms Legini Angela (INPS), Mr. Carlo Mazzaferro (University of Bologna), Mr. Roberto Notaris (INPS) took part in the discussions. Mr. Fu Jinling, Director General of the Social Security Department of MoF, and Mr. Michele Bruni, Team Leader and EU Resident Expert of Component 2, jointly chaired the Workshop.

During the two sessions of the Workshop devoted to two research topics, namely: social security coverage on atypical employment: methodologies and tools of management, and models and methodologies for the social and economic sustainability analysis in social protection system, Prof. Du Yang, Ms. Zhou Xiao and Prof. Wang Xiaojun presented the results of the national research by highlighting the critical issues faced by todays China and proposals for future policy improvements. The EU practices presented by the EU experts were discussed and debated. The participants actively exchanged views and technical knowledge on the interaction between social security and employment policies, the challenges of the economic transformation and new employment forms, as well as the importance of the actuarial practice to assess and monitor the sustainability of the social protection policies and reforms.

Drawing the conclusions of the meeting, Mr Di Donghui, Division Director of the Actuarial Department of the Social Security Department of MoF, and Ms. Geng Shuyan, Actuarial Department of the Social Insurance Administration Center of MoHRSS, stressed the relevance of the discussed topics for the Chinese context and the importance to continue the collaboration in the EU-China SPRP to learn more from the EU experiences.

Thanks to the contributions of Chinese and EU experts, the Workshop will produce additional EU best practice reports and policy suggestions, which, together with targeted follow up activities, have the aim to support MoF financial management and actuarial analysis of the social protection system.

Report 12th July16_C2 Workshop


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