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Starts on:15/12/2015
Ends on:15/12/2015


The EU-China Social Protection Reform Project- Component 2 1st Workshop on 2015 Research Topics —NDC Systems and Public Pension Reform: Challenges, Prospects, and EU Experiences— was held on 15th December 2015 in Beijing, in collaboration with the Chinese Ministry of Finance and the EUD. The Workshop focused on two 2015 research topics: “Nominal personal account reform in the basic pension system” and “The division of decision power and expenditure responsibilities on social security between central and local government”. Some 30 participants, including representatives from Ministry of Finance, Development Research Center of the State Council, eminent scholars from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Renmin University of China and other Chinese stakeholders, the EU Delegation to China and Mongolia and the project team took part in the discussions.

During the Workshop, the identified EU Best Practices were disseminated and debated. In particular, Mr. Marano Angelo made a presentation on “NDC Nominal Personal Account pension systems. Features, advantages and transition problems in the EU experience”; Mr. Stefano Patriarca elaborated the session on “Computing pensions, adequacy and redistribution management in a NDC system”; Mr. Roberto Notaris analyzed the “Management tools and instruments for a system based on individual accounts: the case of the Italian National Institute of Social Protection”; and Mr. Mel Cousins illustrated the “International experience on the division of power and expenditure responsibility in the social protection field”. Professor Li Zhen made a comprehensive presentation on the “NDC Reform in the Basic Pension System”. The presentations were followed by a discussion and Q&A session among EU and Chinese experts and policy makers.

The Workshop was a fundamental activity to share experiences, ideas, collect feedback and deepen the dialogue on the research topics, between EU and Chinese stakeholders. The chairman of the Workshop, Mr Fu Jinling, emphasized the importance of the discussed themes, which go hand in hand with the guidelines and contents of the national XIIIth Five-Year Plan.