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Starts on:16/12/2015
Ends on:16/12/2015


The second 2015 panel discussion for Component 2 was held on 16th December 2015 at Renmin University, Beijing. The panel covered topics 2.1.2 –Social security Coverage on Informal Employment: Methodologies and Tools of Analysis and Management – and 2.2.2 - Models and Methodologies for the Social and Economic Sustainability Analysis in Social Protection System - retained as part of the Component Plan of activities for 2015.

Mr. Di Donghui, Division director, Social Security Department MoF jointly with C2 RE, Mr. Stefano Patriarca chaired the Panel Discussion. MoF invited to attend the panel officials of the social security department of MoF, a representative from MoHRSS and relevant external Chinese experts on the fields of discussion. Speakers of the first session on topic 2.2.2. were Prof. Wang Xiaojun, Vice Dean of Department of Statistics, Renmin University of China and the EU Expert, Ms. Angela Legini, Statician and Actuary- Staff of General Director of the National Institute of Social Protection (INPS), Italy. Speakers of the second session on topic 2.1.2 were Ms. Zhou Xiao, Institute of International Labour and Social Security, MoHRSS, and the EU Expert, Mr. Mel Cousins, International Social Protection Expert.

More than 20 participants took part in the meeting and contributed to dialogue exchange and to deepen the knowledge on the Chinese social security coverage on informal employment and models and methodologies for the social and economic sustainability analysis in social protection system, as well as to the exchange of some good practices of the EU counties in this field.

Mr. Di Donghui made the final remarks by expressing his appreciation and satisfaction on the research activities and exchange of practices among EU and Chinese experts, as well as on the overall activities performed in the first year of the project.


Panel Discussion Report 16.12.15