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Starts on:01/03/2016
Ends on:01/03/2016


EU-CHINA SPRP Component 3 1st C3 Workshop held on March 1st, 2016 focused on the three C3 topics: Legal Framework of Social Assistance and Experiences on unified standards for calculation of Social Assistance benefits and Social Assistance specific groups - services for children, elderly, people with disabilities, with a special focus on poor rural people.

The Workshop started with presentations prepared by three CN experts (Prof. Guo Yu, Prof. Gang Shuge and Prof. Zuo Ting) and three EU experts (Mr Davor Dominkus, Mr Mel Cousins and Ms Jadwiga Pauli; who gave presentations on EU experiences). The presentations were followed by the discussion among Chinese and EU experts and policy makers. Some additional comments were made by three CN invited experts from social assistance field.

The aim of the Workshop was a follow up of last year work, as well as a launch for the new activities proposed for year 2016.