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Starts on:21/05/2019


The 2019 Panel discussion meeting for Component One, EU-China Social Protection Reform Project SPRP was held on 21st May 2019 in Beijing Tangla Yaxiu Hotel.Some 25 participants joined the event, which focused on the research topics around planning in social protection policy - namely planning for a multi-tier social protection system and mid-term evaluation of the 13th Five Year Plan and preliminary proposals for inclusion in the draft of the 14th Five Year Plan on issues of employment promotion and social protection. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Jean-Victor Gruat, Resident expert for Component One. Professor Zhou Hong and her research team gave a presentation on European experience and lessons on building multi-tier social protection systems; Mr. Bai on behalf of Professor Yang Weiguo prepared a report on the evaluation of employment promotion policy in the past three years during the 13th FYP and proposal of issues to be included in the 14th FYP; and Mr. Song Xiaowu delivered a speech on the detailed proposals on social protection for inclusion into the 14th FYP. Professor Konrald Obermann from Germany contributed his comments towards the topics under discussion as well as his own presentation on long term care in selected European countries, which was of great relevance for Chinese researchers and policy makers in the field of social protection.