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Starts on:12/03/2019


On March 12th, 2019 Ministry of Civil Affairs, the main stakeholder of Component 3 EU-China SPRP hosted the 5th Workshop. The discussion was co-chaired by Mr. by Mr Liu Xitang, Director General of the Social Assistance Department of MoCA and Ms. Marzena Breza, Component 3 EU resident expert. Among some 25 participants were high level officials from central and local MoCA, as well as from the Center of Monitoring and Verification for Low Income Families of MoCA, EUD representative and Chinese researchers i.a. from the Beijing Academy of Social Science. The event was supported by Chinese scholars including - experts contributing to the Component 3 EU-China SPRP research activities and EU-China SPRP Office representatives. The main goal of the event was to present research outputs on the specific topics related legal provisions on social services and the main providers – social organisations. Assistant Professor Peng Zhaiwen from the Sun Yat-Sen University and Prof. Zhang Hongmiao from the Sichuan University delivered speeches on the topics by presenting Chinese experience in regulating the social services and social organisations in the law and regulations at the central and local levels.

Chinese experts’ contributions were commented by some EU experts. The EU side share EU MS experiences in reference to supplementing social assistance schemes by social services (benefits in kind) and empowering social organisations in social services delivery. On the occasion of the Workshop Ms. Kim Schryvers from the Belgium Ministry of Social Integration and Ms. Alexandra Nemes from the Romanian Ministry of Labour and Social Justice shared their country experiences which will be elaborated in the best practices reports including policy suggestions to be submitted to MoCA.

The Workshop was an opportunity to exchange knowledge on the practical examples of social services dedicated to vulnerable groups in China and on best practices in the EU countries as well as preliminary policy recommendations.

The main conclusion of the event is to continue development of social assistance law in China in a form of comprehensive legal act which specifies the social assistance scheme including the scope of social services and their providers.