Event Details

Starts on:24/01/2019
Ends on:25/01/2019


Representative of the Component 3 Coordinator and the C3 SPRP team took part in a visit to pilot site in Sichuan Province to Dazhou - Dachuan District. The main target was to keep dialogue on the Component 3 SPRP pilot site program and activities. The visit was an opportunity for an open exchange on the main current and future Chinese characteristics for social assistance also by sharing some EU countries examples. The visit was organized under the leadership of Social Assistance Department of MoCA with a great support coming from provincial and city level MoCA of Dazhou City especially Dachuan District. The main aim of the visit was to give an opportunity to the EU and Chinese side for practical exchanges and learning on existing solutions in social assistance standards in terms of data collecting, application procedures including evaluation and administration. This visit was an opportunity to gather several local partners dealing with social assistance at the grassroot level. Key part of the presentations and discussion was focused on improving social assistance delivery. The SPRP side was encouraging to take some actions for developing benefits in kind especially for the elderly and disabled people.

The C3 pilot will continue for the next following months and will be evaluated by mid-year together with other three C3 pilots.