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Starts on:17/12/2018
Ends on:21/12/2018


From December 17 to December 21, 2018, in accordance with the annual work plan of the China-EU Social Protection Reform Project (Component I), the Employment and Income Distribution Division of the National Development and Reform Commission and the EU- China SPRP Project Office jointly conducted a mission in the pilot area of ​​Guangdong province. The focus was on the two themes of social security awareness raising and social security management, reviewing the situation and carrying out local training activities. The team was led by the Director of the Social Security Division of the Department of Income and Distribution NDRC Ms Tang Ling, the International Cooperation Center of the NDRC and the Resident expert in the Beijing Office SPRP. The four experts from France specially gave lectures on the above two topics. Introducing international experience, Mr. Andrei Tretyak, Director of Social Security Department of Expertise France, Mr. Michel Villac, President of the French National Family, Children and Senior persons Council, Mr. Thierry Weishaupt, General Manager of VYV Group China Operations, and Mr. Romain Chave, Project Manager, International Department of National Teacher Health Foundation. At the pilot area in Guangdong, relevant departments, business representatives and individuals from the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, personnel and taxation departments, and Tianhe District and Huizhou City (Pilot Area) in Guangzhou participated in the activities.

The research team set off on the 17th December 2018. After arriving in Guangdong on the first day, they first learned about the basic conditions of Guangdong Province. They connected the research trip and went to Huizhou on the same day. They conducted four sessions in the following 18th to 19th. December. On the morning of the 18th, the research team held a symposium at the Huizhou Social Security Fund Administration. They visited the social security service hall and the information platform on the spot, and exchanged information with relevant departments and enterprises at the municipal level. The leaders of Huizhou Development and Reform Commission and Human Resources and Social Security Bureau introduced the city's economic and social development and various social security collections and insurance participation; many representatives from the corporate finance and human resources departments introduced the employment, insurance and social security management of enterprises. specific situation. Two trainingexperts, Mr. Thierry Weishaupt and Mr. Romain Chave, gave a special lecture on the issue of social security awareness, introduced the experience of international insurance participation and the practice of strengthening inclusive education, especially pointing out the value of social security as a long-term investment. . On the 18th, the research team went to the Zhongkai High-tech Zone in Huizhou City to conduct field research on the “one-stop-one-network” social security management platform of counties, towns and villages, and visited the two grassroot offices of Chenjiang Street and Yuhu Community. Finally, the High-tech Zone Management Committee held a symposium to raise the awareness of social security. The Zhongxin District High-tech Zone is a state-level high-tech management zone. The park is dominated by electronic technology enterprises, with a large number of labor-intensive enterprises and a large number of migrants. This training provides a good support for strengthening the awareness of local enterprises and employees to strengthen their participation. On the morning of the 19th, the research team went to the Huinan High-tech Industrial Park to visit three companies of Great Wall Development Technology Co., Ltd., Jiulian Technology Co., Ltd. and KTC Technology, and listened to the enterprises in production, operation, labor and social security. The specific situation. On the afternoon of the 19th, the research team held a special discussion with the Huizhou Foreign Investment Enterprise Association. More than 20 managers and corporate members from the association attended the forum, reflecting the characteristics and problems of the local Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreign-invested enterprises. Subsequently, two experts from the French side explained the international experience of raising the awareness of participation. In the communication session, the two sides focused on improving the awareness of migrant workers, floating population participation and social security, and the research team answered questions on social security issues of concern to the associationp and enterprises.

On the morning of the 20th, the research team went to the Social Security Management Center of Tianhe District, Guangzhou, and the administrative service hall of the field inspection area. The focus was on the business content, operation process, file management and information service terminal of various social security service windows. The convenience and modernization of the social security service information system is recognized. On the afternoon of the 20th, the research team held a symposium with the relevant departments of the province of Guangdong Province. The relevant functional departments of the People's and Social Welfare Bureau of Guangdong Province introduced the coverage of various social insurances and the income and expenditure of the fund in the province. The innovative practices of the province in exploring the province's employee pension insurance for urban enterprises, the payment of social insurance benefits and provincial information The taxation department introduced the experience and convenience service measures of the province's social security premiums in the past ten years; the enterprise human resources representatives from Guangzhou Yuexiu District also introduced the state of enterprise insurance. Subsequently, two experts from the French side, Mr. Andrei Tretyak and Mr. Michel Villac, conducted special trainings and introduced key experiences on the structure, management, collection and comparison of information systems and the construction of information systems in various social security projects. They put forward valuable suggestions on strengthening the use of information for the further construction of social security in Guangdong.

Through a tight research and training arrangement in the past week, the research team conducted in-depth exchanges with the pilot areas of Guangdong Province, and learned about the profound changes in the social security field in recent years and the increasing precision management; the focus is on strengthening the awareness of participation and information construction. In two aspects, the relevant experience of the EU was conveyed to local social security departments and enterprises and individual training. The event was efficient, pragmatic and informative, and provided strong support for the next step to strengthen China-EU dialogue and exchanges and promote the virtuous circle of projects.