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Starts on:02/12/2018
Ends on:09/12/2018


Component 3 SPRP following 2018 work plan supported Deputy Minister of MoCA Mr. ZHAN Chengfu visit to Poland and Belgium.

The visit was an occasion for deepening policy dialog between Ministry of Civil Affairs P.R. China and Polish Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy, European Commission Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion as well with the federal Public Planning Service for Social Integration of Belgium.

Policy dialog meeting between Deputy Ministers Mr. Marcin Zieleniecki and Mr. Zhan Chengfu was followed by a ceremony of signing Memorandum of Understanding between Ministry of Civil Affairs P.R. China and Ministry of Family Labour and Social Policy Poland on mutual cooperation in the social assistance field.

During the visit several field visits have been organized.

First one took place in Poland. In Poznan a whole day visits allow the MoCA delegation to have exchanges with the Barka Foundation Headquarter and integration community of Barka and ecological farm in Chudobczyce. In Warsaw a field visit to Social Enterprise Wola was organized to share some experiences on social economy and social cooperatives.

During the 3 days of the ministerial visit to Belgium first day was dedicated sharing European level practices and knowledge in terms of social policy mainly social assistance and the role of NGOs in the European Union Member States. On this occasion a policy dialog with DG EPML was organized. Meeting with the European Commission was followed by exchanges with European Social Network - an EU umbrella NGO supporting more than 120 social services organisations mostly from Europe.

After, the visit to Belgium was mainly focusing on policy and practical experiences sharing and having knowledge exchanges with Belgium authorities. A session on organisation of the minimum income assistance in Belgium i.a. on the social protection system, managing structure, financing, law enforcement system and inspection for the minimum income scheme; on the system of social assistance and targeting of the beneficiaries, procedures, methods of verification, social inquiry and support services facilities; and on innovative methods and experiences to improve the accessibility of public services by the engagement of experts by experiences.

In Belgium MoCA delegation was hosted by the representatives of the King Baudouin Foundation. This meeting was an occasion to learn more on the aims, methods and projects performed within philanthropy actions by the Foundation in Belgium and abroad.

A few field visits in Belgium were arranged by the local center for public welfare of Bruges. This was an opportunity for MoCA delegation to get some practical knowledge on the facilities provided for elderly people (serving meals), the financing and the decision-making structure of the local centre and its Associations. Visit to Central Kitchen Ruddersstove; WZC Ter Potterie; NAH De Nieuwe Notelaar and living entity De Zeven Gaven.

Follow up of the visit will be continued through the coming Component 3 SPRP activities as well on the basis of bilateral cooperation.