Event Details

Starts on:25/09/2018


Continuing the EU-China exchanges on practices and knowledge in the field of social assistance a training session for local staff implementing C3 pilots was organized.

EU experts (Ms. Camille Lambinion, Mr. Christian Moutier and Mr. Pavel Janeček) were providing EU practices input on targeting vulnerable groups, setting standards and involving social organizations in the overall social assistance system. Special focus was given to the data exchange and existing data base of social assistance and their use for monitoring and evaluation purposes. The first training offered to the local staff was aiming to share the practical examples of dealing with issues at grassroot level. One of the main interests of local MoCA staff was to share administrative and procedural practices and challenges when identifying people living in poverty.

Some other training session for the local pilot sites are undertaken under the coordination of Nanjing University Research Center for Social Security and provided by Chinese leading experts in the field of social assistance.