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Starts on:21/10/2018
Ends on:28/10/2018


Component 3 SPRP following 2018 work plan organised a study visit to two EU countries.

During the visit to Slovenia exchange meeting with the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. During the meeting instruction to the social protection system was resented cash benefits and IT system support as well for the social assistance system in Slovenia. separately special support scheme for vulnerable groups were presented.

Study visit was an opportunity for practical exchanges during the field visits to care centers in Tržič co-provided by different providers (state, municipalities and private-NGOs) and social work center. MoCA delegates have an opportunity to learn the comprehensive approach to vulnerable groups which is used for the social policy implementation.

During the wrap-up meeting main issues learned from Slovenia and applicable for China.

In the Czech Republic delegates took part in an exchange meeting with the ministerial and local level staff working for social assistance. The main focus was given to social services and social work. Social assistance benefits were presented from the perspective of assessment procedures and standards used for the benefits schemes in Czech Republic.

On the occasion of the study visit to Czech Republic a field visit to social services was organized in Tlockov.

Follow up of the visit will be continued through the coming Component 3 SPRP activities.