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Starts on:25/09/2018


On September 25th, 2018 Ministry of Civil Affairs, the main stakeholder of Component 3 EU-China SPRP hosted the 4th Workshop. The discussion was co-chaired by Ms Jiang Wei, Deputy Director General of Social Assistance Department of MoCA. Welcoming speeches were delivered by Mr Liu Xitang and Ms Marzena Breza, Component 3 EU resident expert. Among some 30 participants were high level officials from central and local MoCA, as well as from the Center of Monitoring and Verification for Low Income Families of MoCA and Chinese researchers and scholars. The event was supported by Chinese scholars (including - experts contributing to the Component 3 EU-China SPRP research activities and EU-China SPRP Office representatives. The main goal of the event was to present first research outputs on the issues related to social services (Prof. Tian Rong) and dissemination policy of social assistance (Prof. Gang Shuge). Presentations on these topics were followed by comments and suggestions from the EU experts, Ms. Camille Lambinion and Mr. Christian Moutier and Mr. Pavel Janeček on the overall standards of social assistance benefits and services. The Workshop gave an opportunity to exchange knowledge on issues related to in-kind benefits and information on policy based on best practices in the EU countries and preliminary policy recommendation for China.

The main conclusion of the event is to continue work on development of social services schemes in China as a complementary approach to the existing programs of social assistance in China.