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Starts on:12/10/2018


On 12th October 2018, the EU-China Social Protection Reform Project- Component 2 held a Workshop in cooperation with the Social Security Department of MoF on the three topics tackled by the C2 project during the 2018 work plan, namely: Alternative policy measures to cope with the impact of ageing on the financial sustainability of the social security system; Social contribution collections: toward a unified system; The role of public finance and enterprise annuities funds in the Chinese social security system.

During the Workshop, organized in three sessions, Chinese and European experts presented the policy suggestions that they have elaborated after the panel discussions held in June 2018. The proposals were discussed by EU and Chinese guests, who contributed with additional insights and personal experiences.

Overall, the Workshop was attended by around 20 participants, including representatives from the Ministry of Finance, from the academia, from the European Delegation to China, EU Embassies representatives, and the project team.

The policy proposals presented and discussed at the Workshop will be formalized in a document to be submitted to the Ministry of Finance. The agenda and list of participants are attached as annexes.

pdfComponent 2 Workshop Report

pdf1 - Zheng Bingwen: The role of enterprise annuities funds in the Chinese Social Security system PPT

pdf2 - Mel:The role of public finance in the Chinese social security system: policy recommendations BI

pdf3 - Dong Keyong:Alternative Policy Measures to Cope with the Impact of Ageing on the Financial Sustainability of the Social Security System in China BI

pdf4 - Lina:Ageing – policy recommendations BI

pdf5 - Wang Dehua:Social insurance contribution collections: toward a unified system

pdf6 - Mel:Social contribution collections: toward a unified system: policy recommendations BI