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Starts on:19/09/2018


On September 19, 2018, the EU-China Social Protection Reform Project (SPRP) Conference- Population Ageing in China: Impact and Policy Scenarios- was held at the Kuntai Royal Hotel, in Beijing. The conference was organized on the occasion of the 2018 International Day of Older Persons, which is commemorated annually on 1st October, to highlight the important role that older persons play in society and raise awareness of the issues and challenges of ageing, which are common both to China and Europe.

Mr. Chris Wood, Minister and Deputy Head of Delegation of the European Union to China, Mr. Dang Junwu, Deputy Director of the China Center for Scientific Research on Ageing, and Prof. Michele Bruni, Team Leader of the EU-China SPRP opened the conference. Over 60 participants attended the event, representing Chinese government agencies - National Development Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Civil affairs, China Social Insurance Association, China Population and Development Research Center -, as well a civil society, international organizations, EU member state embassies and academia. Among the speakers, renowned experts such as Prof. Zheng Bingwen (CASS), Mr. Wang Dewen (World Bank), Prof. Asghar Zaidi (Seoul National University, London School of Economics) and many others discussed a series of topics and research results obtained by the EU-China SPRP, including: evaluations of the ageing process and its economic impact; the sustainability of the Chinese pension system and the role of the enterprise annuity funds in creating a multi-pillar system; how to improve elderly care services and education and vocational training implications created by the fast expansion of the long-term care system.

The Conference also produced a set of policy suggestions that attracted the attention of institutions and media present at the event.

pdf1-KOEN: Active Ageing and Sustainable Pension Reform BI

pdf2-Asghar Zaidi: Active Ageing in China BI

pdf3-Michele: The impact of the ageing process on the labour market and the welfare system in alternative demographic scenarios. The case of China BI

pdf4-Zheng Bingwen: How to Reconcile Government Intervention and Private Initiative in Securing Multi-Pillar Pension Protection in Old-Age

pdf5-WANG XIAOJUN: Public Basic Pension Sustainability in China

pdf6-XU ZHENGZHONG: Social Inclusion, Universal Services and Targeted Provision for elderly Care BI

pdf7-Dewen Wang: China’s Aged Care System: Policy Framework and Priorities

pdf8-LI Zhen: Thoughts and suggestions on how to improve the elderly care services and the LTC system in China BI

pdf9-Zhang Yinhua: China's pilots on Long-term care social insurance BI


pdf11-Marzena Breza: Project works in the field of social assistance and social services BI

pdf12-Zhang GUOQING: Critical issues with the Chinese pension system