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Starts on:01/07/2018
Ends on:15/07/2018


As part of the EU-China Social Protection Reform Project Component 2 work plan for the year 2018, a Delegation of 18 MoF national and provincial officials, led by Mr. Wang Xiong, Division Director of the Urban and Rural Minimum Income Benefit Division, Department of Social Security, undertook a two weeks training in Italy (Rome and Milan) from 1st to 15th July 2018.

The general aim of the course is to increase the participants’ knowledge and understanding of the EU practices in the areas covered by the Social Protection Reform Project, as well as their skills in designing and implementing social protection policies.

The training programme, titled “Financing the social security system in an ageing society: the role of public finance and private supplementary funds”, was organized by the Italian Institute of Social Protection (INPS) and the National School of Public Administration (SNA), with the logistic and administrative support of SISPI Italia Previdenza (C2 Secretariat).

The lectures were delivered by around 30 experts coming from Italy and other EU countries. The first group of lectures were devoted to the analysis of the social protection system in Italy and other EU countries, of their evolution in response to the ongoing ageing process, as well as of the various financing models and contribution collections methodologies. A full day was devoted to the theme of active labour market policies, welfare policies and the role of the third sector. The problem of sustainability called for the discussion of the second and third pillars, and of the issue of fund portfolio management.

The ageing process in China will progressively accelerate in the next years and the Long Term Care experiences of EU countries, more advanced along the path of the demographic transition, were presented in a series of lectures and institutional visits that addressed also the topics of technology, occupations and training.

Visits to institutions and local organizations played a very important role in the training, allowing the trainees to increase their specific skills by discussing with their colleagues of Italian institutions work procedures, tools and technology and compare the solutions adopted in the two countries. The trainees visited:

  • · The Ministry of Economy and Finance, where they received an overview of the role of the public finance in subsidizing the social security system in an ageing society;
  • · The Bank of Italy to analyze the financing mechanism of the pension system;
  • · The Caritas (NGO), where they learned about the role of the third sector in the provision of elderly care services;
  • · The Ministry of Health to learn about the Italian National Health Service and the role of the Ministry of Health, as well as the National Chronicity Plan;
  • · INPS territorial headquarter in Milan, where they had the possibility to explore the functioning and organization of a provincial office, as well as to witness the way the relationship with the central directorate and customer service are dealt with;
  • · The Municipality of Milan, where they received an overview of the role of public administrations in the management of the elderly care services;
  • · The Institute for the Elderly “Piero Redaelli” to analyze the practices of formal LTC.

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