Event Details

Starts on:27/05/2018
Ends on:03/06/2018
Location:Lithuania and Sweden


Ministry of Civil Affairs P.R.China – MoCA hold a study visit on Social Assistance legal framework; overall resources; social assistance benefits’ targeting and development of social services to Lithuania and Sweden.

In Lithuania MoCA was having an exchange meeting with the Ministry of Social Security and Labour. The main topics of the meeting were: Family policy and demographic strategy, Social services, Social integration of the disabled, Social support for families and children. The visit was an opportunity to have some knowledge sharing at the local level hosted by the Elektrėnai municipality and Trakai district municipality. The main issues addressed were linked to identification of social assistance beneficiaries, social assistance access criteria, assessment process of benefit applications and fraud prevention. In addition organisation of social services and provision of cash support to deprived people and cooperation between municipalities and NGO’s have been presented.

The study visit to Lithuania was supported by performing field visits to Support for the Family and Children Center and Disabled Employment Center both in Trakai. The aspects shared by the staff were: psychosocial assistance; family skills development and socio-cultural services; and positive parenthood training.

In Sweden MoCA on the invitation of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs took part in an information and knowledge sharing meeting with Swedish ministerial experts on family policy (i.a. parental insurance and benefits for parents; cash benefits for families with children), social services; and benefits and services for people with disabilities.

The visit was continued by holding a meeting the National Board of Health and Welfare. The topics for presentation and discussion were: social care, support to children and to persons with disabilities.

During the visit to Sweden MoCA took part in field visits to Botkyrka kommun (residential care center for vulnerable groups) and Silviahemmet – NGO educating assistant nurses and nurses for elderly.

The study visit gave an excellent opportunity to MoCA delegation for sharing knowledge and practices on the policy design and policy making as well having practical exchanges with the central and local social assistance staff and NGOs.