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Starts on:27/04/2018


On April 27th, 2018 Beijing Women’s Federation Association for International Exchange hosted an international exchange meeting with EU-China Social Protection Reform Project (EU-China SPRP). The meeting was chaired and Ms Wang Shuixia (President of Beijing Women’s Association for International Exchange) and by Ms Hou Huirong (Vice President Beijing Women’s Association for International Exchange). EU-China SPRP was represented by Ms Marzena Breza (initiator of the meeting) and Mr Michele Bruni. Introduction to the role of social assistance in China in reference to women was given by Prof. Gang Shuge the director of the Women’s Research Center of Beijing Academy of Social Sciences.

During the meeting several the topics have been discussed. The main focus was given to research outputs on women’s socio-economic conditions; women’s rights; methods of support women’s in Beijing (health care) as well women’s successful entrepreneurship trough start-ups. Some results of the international cooperation between China and several countries were also presented. SPRP experts shared some key messages on the social policy (i.a. challenges on the ageing processes in Europe) and its impact on women in the EU countries. Some further policy reforms and initiatives on women’s empowerment have been presented.

The exchange between SPRP and Women’s Federation will be continued trough some activities planned for 2018.