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Starts on:26/02/2018
Ends on:27/02/2018


On 26-27th February 2018, the EU-China Social Protection Reform Project- Component 2 held a Workshop in cooperation with the Social Security Department of MoF on the three topics tackled by the C2 project during the 2017 work plan, namely: “Investment strategies of social funds and risk control methodologies”; “An integrated system for the coordinated management of the social assistance system”; “The Development of Old Age Services and Long-Term Care System”.

During the Workshop, organized in three half-day sessions, Chinese and European experts presented the policy suggestions that have been elaborated after the discussions held at the previous panel meetings. The proposals were discussed by EU and Chinese guests, who contributed with additional insights and personal experiences.

Overall, the Workshop was attended by around 40 participants, including representatives from the Ministry of Finance (Actuarial Division, Dibao Division, General Office, Medical Insurance Division, Veteran Benefit Division), from the academia (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Renmin University, China University of Political Science and Law, University of International Business and Economics, Chinese Academy of Governance, Beijing Normal University, China Center for Scientific Research on Aging), from the European Delegation to China, the Italian Embassy, Generali Group, and the project team.

The policy proposals presented and discussed at the Workshop will be formalized in a document to be submitted to the Ministry of Finance.

pdfThe Policy Suggestions for Elderly Services and Long-term Care, Tang Jun

pdfLong-term Care Policy Suggestions, Marcello Morciano

pdfLong-term Care Proposals, Li Zhen

pdfThe Italian Chronicity Plan, Condorelli

pdfCipparrone Pension Funds Portfolio Management and Risk Control

pdf Legacy from the Past, Generali Group

pdfInvestment Strategies of Social Insurance Funds and Risk Control Methodologies in China, Jiye Huc

pdfIntegration of Social Assistance Schemes and Policies, Dr. Mel Cousins

pdfThe Aging Process in China in an International Perspective , Michele Bruni

pdfAn integrated system for the coordinated management of the social assistance system, Pavel Jane EK

pdfComponent 2 Workshop hosted by the Ministry of Finance, 26-27 February 2018