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Starts on:09/02/2018


On 9 February 2018, the European Delegation to China and Mongolia hosted in Beijing an information session meeting of the EU-China Social Protection Reform Project with representatives of EU Member States. During the meeting, chaired by Mr. Jerome Pons, Head of Cooperation Section, Ms. Sakura Moretto (EUD Attaché) introduced the project background and main objectives, following Mr. J. Victor Gruat, Resident Expert of Component 1, Ms. Valentina Pignotti, Component 2 Assistant (representing C2), and Ms. Marzena Breza, Resident Expert of Component 3 of the project presented the objectives and activities of each Component while providing a brief background analysis on the areas tackled by the project. Overall, the meeting –which was the third of its kind since the inception of the project - represented a good opportunity to share information and updates among the invited stakeholders, thus promoting mutual exchanges and cooperation (knowledge and practice sharing trough overseas activities and EU experts mission to China). It was agreed to continue holding this type of briefing possibly with participation of Chinese stakeholders of the Project.


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