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Reservations Until:14/01/2018 08:00
Starts on:14/01/2018 08:00
Ends on:28/01/2018 08:00


As part of the EU-China Social protection reform project Component 1 programme of activities for the year 2017, a delegation of 17 NDRC national and provincial level senior officials, led by Mr Chang Tiewei, deputy Director general, Department of Employment and Income Distribution, undertook a two weeks training in Germany from 14 to 28 January 2018.

The training organised under the framework of Johannes Gutenberg University was held in Mainz and Berlin. Placed under the overall direction of prof. Axel Weber, it was centred on the Relevance and Efficiency of Employment and Social protection policies in Europe with special reference to long-term care.


The training therefore covers three focal areas:

  • Evaluation of Employment
  • Evaluation of Social security policies
  • Services to provide care to the elderly

The first two areas focus on methods and tools of evaluation of systems and policies, the third area on functioning and financing of services. Training is imparted through a combination of class-room exchanges imparted by eminent specialists from Germany and other European countries or international institutions – selected Chinese delegates also introducing the specificities of their national situation, and visit to relevant German institutions in Rhein-Palatinate and Berlin Provinces. Institutions to be visited include the German Federal Statistical Office, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Public Health, the Trade Unions Confederation and the German Employers’ Association, the German Public pension system, the Federation of welfare institutions.


The objective of the training is to increase awareness of the participants on how issues that are subject to reforms in China are handled in Germany. In the end, the Chinese delegation will go back to China with a good understanding of the methods and techniques used in Germany as well as a solid picture of the solutions in place.

As was the case for similar training exercises held under project auspices in 2015 and 2016, the members of the delegation benefitted from a day technical briefing before departure – held in Beijing on 13 January 2018. Placed under the responsibility of the project, this briefing was imparted by prominent Chinese specialists, Mr. Zheng Gongcheng for Social security evaluation techniques, Mr. Yue Jinglun for the Evaluation of Employment policies and Ms. Zhang Yinghua for Long term care insurance.