Event Details

Starts on:22/11/2017
Ends on:29/11/2017


Component 3 SPRP following 2017 work plan organised a mission of six EU experts to Beijing. There were mainly public staff representing EU national agencies (including ministries) from Belgium, France, Germany and Romania.

The main goal of the mission was to keep dialog and knowledge exchanges with MoCA staff and Chinese experts working for the Component 3 of the Project as well with scholars from the leading Chinese universities and research institutions.

The key topics undertaken during the EU experts mission was related to optimization of the social assistance benefits procedures; coordination of social assistance resources and well as to the to methods preventing and identification of the fraud in social assistance.

The main event organized during the EU experts mission was the 3rd Component 3 Workshop hosted my Ministry of Civil Affairs (MoCA).

During their stay in Beijing the resident experts Ms Marzena Breza also facilitated several meetings with i.a. MoCA staff, the Center of Monitoring and Verification for Low Income Families,of MoCA and Beijing Academy of Social Science.

The EU experts will complete their mission by providing reports to be shared with MoCA the main beneficiary of the Component 3 activities.