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Reservations Until:24/11/2017 09:00
Starts on:01/01/1970 08:00
Ends on:24/11/2017 09:00


On November 24th, 2017 Ministry of Civil Affairs P.R.China, the main stakeholder of Component 3 EU-China SPRP hosted the 3rd Component 3 Workshop within EU-China SPRP Project. The discussion has been chaired by Mr Liu Xitang Director General of Social Assistance Department of MoCA who also gave his welcoming speech to the participants. Among more the 30 participants were high level officials from MoCA and the Center of Monitoring and Verification for Low Income Families of MoCA; MoCA local staff as well senior Chinese and European experts and academics working in the field of social assistance and EU-China SPRP Office representatives.

Six senior European experts actively contributed to this event. Four of them being civil servants in their country of origin working at the national level agencies i.a. ministries.

The key topics for the presentations, speeches and discussion were optimization of social assistance – procedures and eligibility criteria for social assistance benefits; coordination of overall social assistance resources and fraud in social assistance: identification, coping strategy and prevention.

Three Chinese experts Prof. Yao Jianping, Prof. Zhang Haomiao and Prof. Lin Yi delivered their research outputs on above topics and proposed some policy recommendations in this respect. In parallel EU experts presented EU best practices in relation to targeting beneficiaries and minimum income procedures (Mr Julien van Geertsom and Dr Lacramioara Corches); coordination mechanism in the social assistance including its legal framework (Prof. Heinz-Dietrich Steinmeyer and Mr Jean-Yves Hocquet) as well the procedure and legal basis for preventing and dealing with fraud cases in social assistance (Dr Katharina Hackstein and Mr Stephane Pacaud).

Conclusions of the full day event were presented by Ms Marzena Breza, Component 3 EU resident expert of EU-China SPRP. The chair Mr Liu Xitang hold and closing speech underling the importance of the issues presented and disused and lessons learned from several EU countries.