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Starts on:13/09/2017


The 7th Internal Management Committee of the EU-China Social Protection Reform Project was held on 13th of September and it has taken place at Expertise France headquarters in Paris.

Under the leadership of the Project Leader and at the attendance of the three Component Coordinators, representatives of the Consortium Members have discussed the Mid-term evaluation report concerning the first two years of the Project, the activities performed in 2017, as well as the 2018 activity plan that each Component will draft on the basis of Chinese Beneficiaries needs and expectations.

Furthermore, the Project Leader and the Consortium Partners have discussed the organization of the next Coordination meeting with the Chinese Beneficiaries. The meeting represents a good opportunity to extend the collaboration among the European members and the Chinese Stakeholders, to strengthen and improve integration among the three Components.

The Coordination meeting of 2017 has been scheduled for the end of November, in conjunction with other overseas activities already planned by MoCA and NDRC.