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Starts on:05/09/2017


On 5th September 2017, the EU-China Social Protection Reform Project- Component 2 held a Panel Discussion at Renmin University on the topic “The Development of Old Age Services and Long-Term Care System” (topic 2.1.6) in cooperation with the Medical Insurance Division and Veteran Benefit Division of the Ministry of Finance, P. R. China. The Division Director Mr. Jiang Yu (Veteran Benefits Division, Department of Social Security, Ministry of Finance) chaired the meeting. Prof. Tang Jun, presented the Chinese context and main challenges faced by the Government in developing a comprehensive and efficient LTC system, while the EU experts introduced the experiences of the different LTC models of the EU countries (Mr. Marcello Morciano); and the specific LTC system developed in France (Mr. Jean Yves Hocquet), Germany (Mrs. Monika Gabanyi[ Mrs. Gabanyi could not attend the Panel. The main results of the assessment report were presented by the Resident Expert, Michele Bruni.]), and Italy (Mr. Vincenzo Atella). Around 30 participants, including representatives from the Medical Insurance Division, Veteran Benefit Division and Actuarial Division of the MoF, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Renmin University, Wuhan University, Italian Embassy, and the project team took part in the Panel. The meeting was a successful activity to examine the main challenges faced by the Chinese government and to analyze the EU experiences that could be useful for the Chinese context.