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Starts on:28/07/2015
Ends on:28/07/2015


July 28, the Component 1 of EU-China Social Security Reform Project, taken charge by the National Development and Reform Commission, held a panel discussion. Mr. Lars Gronvald, Counsellor of the EU Delegation to China attended the discussion and delivered a speech. Three key research topics were discussed during the meeting, notably 1) development of pension system during 13th Five Year Plan, 2) improvement of social pooling and individual accounts in basic pension system and 3) multi-tiered design of pension system in transition. The Chinese experts presented their research approaches and main results during the meeting, while the European experts introduced the best practices of EU pension reform and exchanged views with Chinese experts.

Mrs. Ji Ning, Inspector of the Employment and Income Distribution Department (director general level) chaired the discussion and said that the three topics closely focused on the key issues of top-level design of pension system. The reform recommendations provided by these researches had their own focuses and highlights, but all based on the goals of establishing a comprehensive well-off society in 2020 and achieving universal coverage of social security system in China. Next step, we would further study the finalised research outcomes; transform those outcomes into relevant policy recommendations and reflect them in the 13th Five Year Social Protection Development Planning guidelines. The representatives from Social Security Division, Income Division, General Office and the Centre of International Cooperation attended the meeting.