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Starts on:17/10/2016
Ends on:19/10/2016



On October 17th – 19th, 2016 the C3 Team of the EU-China SPRP Project participated to the local study visit in Qinghai Province (city of Xining (Chengdng District), Huangzhong county, Hainan Prefecture – Gonghe County, Huangnan Perfecture – Jianzha County. The delegation was accompanied by Ms Yi Xiaolin, PhD – the EU Delegation to China representative. Under the leadership of MoCA several activities including provincial, city, prefectural, county and township level staff deep interviews and field visits.
One of the main objectives was to recognize the achievements and challenges of social assistance in China in a low-income and less populated province with an issue of poverty among residents living in remote areas including ethnic minorities. A visit to a Wubao institutional care house for Tibetan minorities (Jianzha Nursing homes) has been organized. These kind activities within EU-China SPRP Project are a part of identifying the possible pilot sites for C3 work in the next two years of the Project.