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Starts on:29/06/2015
Ends on:29/06/2015


The EU-China Social Protection Reform Project had the first panel discussion on “The Legal Framework of Social Assistance”, held at the Ministry of Civil Affairs on 29th June 2015. Mr Wang Zhikun, Director General of the Department of Social Assistance (MoCA), moderated the first session of the event, in which the Vice Minister of MoCA, Mr Gong Puguang welcomed the Vice Minister of Labour and Social Policy of Poland, Mr Radoslav Mleczko. The two emphasized the important role played by the project in the future EU-China partnership. The Panel was followed by a session moderated by Mr Liu Xitang, Deputy Director General, Department of Social Assistance (MoCA), which started with an introduction to the EU-China SPRP Component 3, given by Ms Marzena Breza, PhD, EU RE EU-China SPRP, Component 3.

The discussion continued with three presentations on the “Development of Social Assistance in China and specific regulation”; “Dibao and temporary legal measures on Social Assistance”; and “Legal framework of Social Assistance”, respectively provided by Mr Cao Feng, Assistant Professor, Tsinghua University (Beijing); Ms Guo Yu, Assistant Professor, Renmin University of China, and Ms Kong Fanhua, Professor, South China Normal University. The EU expert, Ms Zofia Czepulis-Rutkowska, PhD, Institute of Labour and Social Studies (Poland) gave her feedback on the presentations through a videoconference. Additional comments were provided by MoCA and external Chinese experts: Mr Tang Jun, Researcher, CASS; Mr Han Keqing, Professor, Renmin University of China; Mr Yang Sibin, Professor, China Institute of Industrial Relations. Also Mr Jean Victor Gruat, EU RE EU-China SPRP, Component 1, and Ms Xiaolin Yi, EUD, Project Officier, contributed with their reactions. The panel ended with an introduction on the follow-up work plans by Ms Marzena Breza, and closing remarks by Mr Liu Xitang. The whole discussion was an opportunity to deepen the knowledge on the Chinese social assistance system in the context of the legal provisions as well as to exchange the good practices of the EU counties in this field.

It was also stressed that for the future development of the social assistance instruments it should be taken into account the socio-economic context of China including labour market situation, ageing, public expenditure, ect.

Meeting report