Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica
de Administración y Políticas Públicas
International and Iberoamerican Foundation
for Administration and Public Policy

Fiiapp is a public organization, which works in the sphere of international co-operation, in the field of strengthening public administrations in developing and transition countries. FIIAPP’s mission is to promote governance processes: fostering administrations and public institutions that are democratic, efficient, and serve the public. Thus, FIIAPP contributes to the enhancement of democratic values and respect for human rights, as well as to the capacity building for formulation and implementation of policies that are effective in reducing poverty and discrimination, provided that they are fair and that they respect plurality and cultural diversity.

In addition, FIIAPP is the only institution of all EU Member States that is mandated body of the whole Spanish National Public Administration for the international project activities, managing over 280 projects and programmes in 50 different countries. (In this framework and with 150 professionals, FIIAPP mobilized last year 1500 experts around the world, managing an annual budget of nearly 30 million Euros.) The added value of FIIAPP’s intervention in development projects in respect to donors (which provide resources), specialized sectors (which provide the expertise) or beneficiaries (development partners) is based on its comparative advantages such as the ability to manage, its contribution to methodology and its institutional support.

Aligned with the objectives of the major donors (mainly Spain and Europe), it raises funds and implements technical cooperation projects in any sector level where public action exists, mobilizing the necessary experts from the different public administrations (central, regional and local). The number, size and scope of the projects awarded by the European Commission to FIIAPP reflect a degree of institutional trust which culminated in FIIAPP obtaining an accreditation to execute delegated cooperation of the European Commission in 2011.