Expertise France

Expertise France
Agence d’expertise technique internationale French international
technical expertise agency

Expertise France is the French international technical expertise agency. It is the product of the merger of 6 public agencies: ADECRI, Adetef, FEI, GIP Esther, GIP International and GIP SPSI. The aim of the agency is to increase the mobilization capacities of the various areas of public technical expertise in the international arena, in order to better respond to the growing needs of developing or emergent countries in terms of assistance to public policies. Under the joint tutelage of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economy, the new agency fully bases its action within the framework of French foreign policy in the areas of development, solidarity, and influence. The agency intervenes in over 80 countries in this regard. The new agency will rely on strong assets:

  • the quality of services offered, by developing pools of experts, particularly public experts;
  • broad geographic coverage, by being active in the field and close to international organisations; by developing existing upstream monitoring work concerning public policies financed by multilateral donors, foundations and partners;
  • an innovative legal and financial capability through a set of coordinated skills: project ownership, delegated management, project management, response to calls for tender, bilateral activity, twinning projects, advice on public-private partnerships;
  • compliance with growing requirements for implementation of development assistance. Expertise France is a member of the EUNIDA network.